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Kolam rice is one of the extremely celebrated assortments of rice. SidhiKolam Authentic Rice is utilized as an ordinary substitute of Basmati in light of the fact that it gives a similar vibe and taste as that of Basmati Rice. Sidhika foods bring you this beautifully nourished rice all the way through your kitchen to your heart.

Sidhika Foods offer their customers an ideal quality evaluation of SidhiKolam Rice which is prepared by the most capable experts utilizing the best grade machines and current handling innovation. SidhiKolam Authentic Rice and its heavenly taste and magnificent flavor, is broadly sought the most among our valuable customers. Moreover, so as to guarantee the best quality, the Sidhikolam rice is appropriately tried by our accomplished quality controllers against different quality parameters, and undoubtedly Sidhika foods qualify all their standards.


Sidhika Foods offer their huge client base a perfect quality assessed of SidhiSonaMasuri Rice which is set up by the most proficient specialists using the best grade machines and taking care of development. Inferable from its eminent taste and glorious flavor, this bona fide rice is extensively famous among our Consumers. Also, in order to ensure the best quality, the SonaMasuririce is suitably attempted by our cultivated quality controllers against various
quality parameters, and without a doubt, Sidhika nourishments qualify every one of their gauges.
This authentic rice is nourished with love and care. We bring you the best quality SonaMasuri rice, it is known for its amazing original taste and aroma. We get this selective range in an extremely clean and protected way to guarantee its quality. This is the reason why Sidhika foods bring you SidhiSonaMasuri authentic rice.

SIDHI JEERA RICE–A must have for your kitchen

SIDHI JEERA RICE is the brand of rice you are longing for. Yes! You can now bring in instant happiness on your dining table and make your friends and family glow in happiness. While buying a pack full of rice we go for certain quality factors which include stickiness, aroma, texture, and flavor.

Jeera Rice- Specialty
Jeera rice – One whiff of this sweet-smelling, cushy basmati rice tempered with cumin seeds or veggies is sufficient to get your taste buds shivering. Figure out how to make this tasty rice in ten minutes or less.
Following a monotonous day at work, our ravenous stomach regularly requests a delightful feast that doesn’t take hours to make. That is the point at which a decent formula for Sidhi brand jeera rice will prove to be useful. It can bring you instant happiness.
Why did we choose to market Sidhi Brand Jeera rice?
Flavors assume a vital job in making a dish progressively tasty. Indian food is particularly known to have probably the most beneficial customary flavors as its primary fixings.
Rice is one such zest that shapes an indispensable piece of different dishes in the Indian food.
Sidhi brand Jeera Rice is all that you need for any occasion around. Sidhijeera rice is one of the best rice in the market to prepare a bowl full of rice to get paired with any curry or dal. Basmati rice enhanced with love and affection makes the ideal backup to Indian suppers.

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NIROSHA BIRYANI SPECIAL finest long grain basmati rice is the king of variety of rices in India. Rice is an evergreen grain that actually needs no Intro. India offers such a great amount on its culinary platter yet Biryani made from Nirosha long grain basmati rice remains the most scrumptious sought indian dish on
every platter. Indians collectively love enjoying Biryani. With nearby the rice grain needs to be highly specific in quality and taste and hyper local varieties having advanced into particular styles of biryanis, one is spoilt for choices with regards to encountering this mixture of flavors.
Why we chose to market Nirosha finest long grain Biryani Rice?

1. Make your Mughlai Biriyani sumptuously special Nirosha long grain basmati rice

The Mughal Emperors were extremely enamored with sumptuous eating encounters and viewed cooking as a craftsmanship. The Nirosha long grain basmati rice serves a perfect fit to make lofty Mughlai biryani and fits the bill impeccably. Succulent lumps of superbly spiced meat, encompassed in kewra scented Nirosha long grain basmati rice, radiates an overwhelming smell that makes one hungry immediately.

2. Add a tinge of Nawabi flavor to Hyderabadi Biriyani with special Nirosha long grain basmati rice

The worlds-well known Hyderabadi Biryani appeared after Emperor Aurangzeb named Niza-Ul-Mulk as the new leader of Hyderabad. His culinary experts allegedly made rice with around 50 distinct forms that utilized fish, shrimp, quail, deer, and even rabbit meat. With special Nirosha long grain basmati rice plunge into splendid varieties of Hyderabadi Biryani So what are you waiting for? Connect with us now to buy your Nirosha long grain basmati rice.

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Roshna finest long grain basmati rice is a sort of long-grain rice. Basmati rice is an extraordinary nature of rice that is developed in Indian Sub-continent. Basmati rice has a novel aroma and flavor which is multiple times more than non-basmati rice assortments.
Why Sidhika Foods brings to you Roshna Basmati Rice?
Sidhika Foods has sourced this finest rice Roshna for all rice lovers as it is one of the finest long grain long basmati rice and is different from other varieties. We researched and surveyed this finest quality long rice from among many significant others and found its unbeatable quality non- resisting. We
understand what you will love to relish and serve to friends and family.
Why we chose to market Roshna basmati rice?

Grain size and shape

Roshna Basmati is a bowl of long grain rice. The non-basmati rice comes in every unique shape and
sizes-long, thin, short and thick, dab and round.


Roshna Basmati has a trademark aroma and flavor.


Like wine and cheddar, the more seasoned it shows signs of improvement flavor and smells it would
extricate. Subsequently the matured Basmati costs higher than the ongoing preparations.
Try Roshna basmati rice once and you will keep wanting more and more!

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Shamona- Premium Quality adds to the taste

Shamona finest long grain special Basmati is the best quality fragrant long-grain rice assortment on the planet. It’s an assortment generally developed on the Indian sub-landmass where it has been consummated over hundreds of years. The excellent fragrance of Basmati, and it’s feathery, no-stick surface is the thing that makes it a prized expansion to such a large number of dishes.
You will be happy to know that Shamona Basmati rice doesn’t bunch up and move toward becoming gluggy like such a large number of other rice assortments?
Sidhika foods brings you the Best premium quality Basmati Rice for Cooking Indian Dishes Any dish made from Shamona basmati rice turns flavorsome and soft separate grains makes the cooked dishes heavenly. In the event that you are cooking a dish that requires the grains to be light and independent, at that point Shamona finest long grain special Basmati is the ideal decision.
Shamona finest long grain special Basmati rice is made from special technique that brings out the perfect texture of each piece of rice. The aroma and smell of the Shamona basmati rice is distinct and this is what makes Sidhika foods stand out from the other food manufacturers. We market Shamona basmati rice because we want to complement your meal with a bowl full of smile.
Try it now to know for self and experience the heavenly taste in every morsel of dish cooked from Shamona basmati rice.